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A new auto-translation service for digests and media reports

Now it has become even easier to work with documents on foreign languages!

A new function appeared in Semantrum — automatic translation of digests and media reports.

How it works?

When exporting documents or ready-made media reports from the Semantrum system, you can automatically translate them into any of 10 languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian.

Why do I need automatic translation of documents?

We have prepared case studies that will help you answer this question.

Case 1: You need to collect material on mentions of your brand/company in different languages, but at the same time in the report you need to unify all data and provide them in a single language for ease of understanding. We at Semantrum have collected at your request publications from various sites in various languages that you or your colleagues do not speak. And all you have to do is to easily export all publications with translation immediately into one language you need.

Case 2: You need to prepare an analytical media report for a customer or for a partner who is more comfortable receiving analytics in his native language, for example, in Polish or German. When exporting a report from Semantrum, choose the required translation language and receive the report in docx or pptx formats in the appropriate language. At the same time, all texts and graphics are edited, and you can make the desired changes or add something to the final report.

Case 3: You have a customer for media analytics who needs analytics, for example, in the Turkish language. You contact us, and we set up automatic translation of digests and reports in Turkish within literally one day.

What is the price of automatic translation?

The automatic translation function can be added to any Semantrum tariff you choose, because it has a separate price as an additional service.

The cost of automatic translation depends on the number of characters in the digest or media report that you want to translate.

Pricing is based on 1 million characters (to better calculate, 1 million characters = approximately 400 A4 pages, 11 typographic unit).

Accordingly, the tariff for automatic translations are as follows:

  • 1 million symbols — $ 30

  • 500,000 symbols — $ 20

  • 300,000 symbols — $ 16

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