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The Semantrum is your personal reputation guard.

Our Mission

We agree that information is the most valuable currency today. But it is rapidly losing value when it comes to really large amounts of information.

Therefore, we see our mission in turning all the information around the business into insights that will help the business conquer the market and increase its profits.

Our Superpowers

Our team is committed to what we do TOGETHER!

9-years expertise in named entities recognition (NER), opinion mining, knowledge extraction.

Experience in fine-grained semantic sentiment analysis.

Own State-of-the-Art NLP, sentiment analysis, and speech-to-text recognition models.

Among long-standing clients are governmental structures, biggest banks, energetics, agriculture, pharmacological business and others state and biggest commercial organizations.


Our Story

9 years ago we started as a startup that saw it as its goal to turn the idea of ​​working with unstructured data - texts and media information

During this time, we have become a recognizable product on the media monitoring market in Ukraine, occupying a significant share of it. Launched several additional projects. We have expanded our competencies in the analysis of languages ​​to 10 international ones, but we collect information in all languages ​​without exception.

New international markets are open to us and we believe that our product will take its rightful place and will be able to help businesses in other countries take care of their reputation effectively.


Contact us

Drop us a line with any questions, inquiries or business proposals

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