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Our Features

Everything you need to monitor and manage your reputation: from simple mailings of mentions to your email to API integration, visualization systems and deep text analytics

Social media monitoring

Different types of media

Collecting information from web, broadcast, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram), video-hosting (ex. Youtube) all over the world



Track mentions of a brand, person, event or posts with keywords that match interests from different types of sources

Monitor competitors’ pages and corporate sites


Monitor reviews about the company as a partner or employer

Reputational analytics

Reputational analytics

Build detailed reputation analytics based on AMEC principles or your own metrics and KPIs

Track metrics: media loyalty index, audience coverage, emotional color of publications in relation to the monitored object, publication resonance, etc.

Identify information trends and respond to them in time or use effectively

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

Analyze the media activity of competitors in real time and dynamics by various parameters

Track promotions, product portfolio news, look for new directions, including abroad

Make detailed media analytics about competitors content and PR strategy

Use easy-to-use benchmark reports and customized interactive infographics

PR crisis alert

Digest e-mails

Various options and formats of notifications, which may vary depending on the monitored object, its additional characteristics (for example, only negative ones), with an additionally customizable mailing schedule

Daily and weekly informative performance digests

Media monitoring API


API protocol integration with various systems, including CRM and ERP systems, to transfer data from the system

Integration of additional data into the system, such as cost data, information from Google Analytics, sales data, opinion poll data, etc.

Integration with various data visualization systems (Power BI, i2, Tableu, etc.)

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