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PR in 2023: non-typical tips to succeed this year

It’s better late than never. 2023 had already started and some of you had already created their marketing and PR plans for this year, or maybe you’re just in the process of creating it.

So we’ve been monitoring dozens, if not hundreds of different PR tends for this year and decided we can manage to pick up not typical ones, according to our team experts.

Just a reminder, Semantrum team — is not only a team of high-level professionals in media-monitoring, we also provide the analytics for brands, so we closely work with PR and Marketing departments of different companies, meaning we definitely understand what makes PR strategies successful, for this year as well.

Let’s start with our TOP 5 not typical tips, that you probably could have missed:

1. AI rules or not.

In Semantrum AI definitely rules in terms of analytics (not to be verbose, just find it in our features). But if we consider AI in content creation, well just be ware of it. There are still some debates on the issue whether the generated with AI technology text are as good as those created with the real person, considering all the SEO nuances, considering the style of text and whether it will be that successfully spread around the web sources, as it usually important for PR materials.

2. Content distribution.

This one is a really obvious point, as PR itself means distributing the hight level content, thus working out the brand recognition. But what content will prevail in 2023? They say, it’s video. The era of social marketing era (which started in 2010 and continues now) brought us a new content distribution channel — the influencers. The percentage of them is extremely growing for the last year and will definitely continue to grow this year, according to the experts in this sphere.

SO you have two top tips now. 1st is content type — video. 2nd is distribution channel — influencers. Just put them together and see the magical power of your content distribution.

3. Metrics and data.

Please say that you not only write texts for your PR materials, but also take a look at its statistics and different metrics. Because this one is even more important. The main metrics will help you to understand the audience awareness of your brand, deeply analyze the the competitors/players in your information field, find true benchmarks and even those influencers we’ve mentioned before.

Here, a little bit more about the communication evaluation system for your PR strategy.

4. Automation.

We’ve already highlighted the importance of monition different metrics. But now it’s about on how you monitor them. The 21st century value the time as much as neither of the centuries before. So value your time as well. The amount and the quality of your brand’s mentions, the recognition of sentiments, trends, or share of voice, Media Visibility Index and that’s just a part of crucial metrics.

You can spend hours calculating and finding them on your own, or just simply click 1 button and have all the automated results in a second.

5. Generations value.

Examine generations first. Each of them has its own specific features, approaches and desires. Which one is the target audience for your brand? Pick it up, describe it together with the product value you can suggest. Make the comparison between other generations which are close to the picked one, probables you’ve missed some points. Our advice, pay attention to Gen Z. It’s a generation filled with smart, and decisive consumers, who have enormous spending power.

BTW, this material is written in a classic mode, without ChatGPT 😎

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