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Semantrum - 2022 achievements and results

Semantrum team wishes you a happy holidays and New Year 2023!

This year was the most difficult in the history of our team, in the history of Ukraine, but we withstood thanks to your support. We would like to say THANK YOU and a few words on this 2022 year for the whole Semantrum team.

💪 Resilience

The first shock from the war passed in our team quite quickly. Most people changed their places of residence and continue to change until now, but this practically does not affect our daily work. Only air alarms are affected, because during alarms we do not conduct scheduled daily meetings.


Some of our colleagues have been defending Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale war. Also, from the first days of the war to the present day, the team is engaged in volunteer projects to track manipulations, fakes, and hostile narratives in the country's information field.

🇺🇦 Ukrainization

Meetings and even tasks in Jira have been Ukrainianized. Not because of the order, but because of the calls of our souls.

🌎 International exhibitions and conferences

We traveled (with benefits!). Presented the company's products at the world exhibitions and conferences: Collision, WebSummit, LegalGeek. We shared international experience and presented how cool are Ukrainian products!

What are the changes with the product itself?

📱Scanning social networks

We have significantly increased the number of channels that we monitor for you in social networks. Now we do it significantly faster and better.

📈 A new metric for content analysis is direct speech

It is often important for PR professionals to analyze whether the object or subject in the publication is his company or a person whose public communications the PR manager is responsible for. If a company or a person is active in the media, then manual determination of the direct speech turns into a daily routine. Semantrum has learned to do this automatically, and users have already confirmed the correctness of the system definition.

📰 MV Index (Media Visibility)

This is an important indicator of the effectiveness of marketing communications, because it indicates the visibility of the monitored object in the media and social networks. To calculate the metric, the audience value of the media, the release time of the publication, and the role of the monitoring object in the publication are used. The value of the metric can be from 1 (minimum visibility in the media) to 100 (maximum visibility).

📊 Interactive dashboards

Our dashboards, which are so loved by PR managers, have been completely updated. Now there are even more metrics for analysis, even more filters for ease of use. And in addition, they also please the eye of every true aesthete — the dashboards have been completely updated visually, so that using them is not only convenient, but also pleasant.

💙💛 We created a new product for monitoring competitors in social networks — BrandVox. BrandVox works as a separate product - it allows you to monitor the activity of competitors, their posts, content strategy effectiveness metrics, track hashtags and find influencers on your topic. It can also be a good add-on tool if you already use Semantrum for competitive analysis. After the launch, it entered the TOP-10 products of the day on Product Hunt and received the badge "Marketing Product of the Week #2».

So, 2023, don't let it down! We are working for the victory of Ukraine 💪🇺🇦

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